What is Internal Access Modifier in C#?

If you want a type or a member of a type to be visible only within an assembly then you will define it with internal access modifier.

To demonstrate it, follow the steps shown below:

• Create the following class:
public class sampleClass {
internal int member1;

• Name the class as sampleAssembly.cs and Compile this class by specifying /target:library

• Create a new program called testClass.cs with the following code:

public class testClass {
public static void Main() {
sampleClass obj = new sampleClass();
obj.member1 = 10;

• Compile this program by specifying /reference:sampleAssembly.dll
• Now try to execute testClass. You will end up in the following error:
“sampleClass.member1 not visible outside assembly”

This is because, you try to access internal member of sampleClass from a class which is referencing the assembly but not belonging to that assembly. If the testClass is also part of sampleAssembly then you can very well access sampleClass.member1 without any errors.

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