How is Dataadapter useful in ADO.NET?

Dataadapters are used to connect Dataset object to a set of command objects.

Dataadapters are used for two main purposes. They are listed below:

• To fetch data from the database and display them in the datatables of dataset. This is achieved using Fill method of dataadapter.
• To fetch data from dataset and update them in necessary tables of database. This is achieved using Update method of dataadapter.

There are four different types of Dataadapters. Their purpose and usage is mentioned below:

OleDbDataAdapter: Dataadapters used to interact with databases through OLE DB provider. It belongs to System.Data.OleDb namespace.
SqlDataAdapter: Dataadapters used to interact with SQL Server database with version 7.0 or higher through Tabular data services. It belongs to System.Data.SqlClient namespace.
OdbcDataAdapter: Dataadapters used to interact with databases exposed by an ODBC provider. It belongs to System.Data.Odbc namespace.
OracleDataAdapter: Dataadapters used to interact with Oracle database. It belongs to System.Data.OracleClient namespace.

Dataadapter has four different properties which controls database updates. The properties are SelectCommand, UpdateCommand, InsertCommand and DeleteCommand. These commands are used to read, update, add and delete records from a database respectively.

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