How is Datareader different from Dataset in ADO.NET?

Dataset and Datareader are the two main objects of ADO.NET that are used to read and manipulate data from data store.

Differences between them are tabulated below:

The data store whose records have to be manipulated can be disconnected. You can read data from datareader only if the connection to data store exists.
You have the provision to cache data fetched from data store when using dataset. Caching of data is not possible.
Dataset objects have XML Support. XML Support is not provided by datareader.
A single dataset object can contain collection of datatable objects wherein each datatable object refers to a table in the datastore. Hence you can manipulate on multiple tables using a dataset. Datareader can read records fetched by a command object containing a single query. If you have to fetch data from multiple tables, then datareader is not advantageous when compared to dataset.
Using dataset, you can read the records fetched in any order. While reading records, you can iterate only in forward direction.
Performance wise, dataset is slow because it has multiple tables which in turn include multiple rows, columns and constraints. Datareader gives high performance and records can be fetched faster when compared to dataset.

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