How is HashTable different from ArrayList in .NET?

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Tuesday, January 19th, 2021

It is a map. It is a list.
You can add element to ArrayList using add method as shown below:
ArrayList sample = new ArrayList();
Here implicit key is the index position in which the element is stored which is always numeric.
You can add element to HashTable in the form of key-value pair using add method as shown below:
HashTable sample = new HashTable();
Key can be numeric or alpha.
Retrieving elements is faster since you retrieve an element using its key. Retrieval is comparatively slow since you iterate over the elements in the list to retrieve a specific element.
In an ArrayList, you can store elements of the same type only. If you store elements of different types in the same ArrayList then you will get run time error while retrieving it. You will retrieve and display elements of ArrayList as shown below:
foreach(<datatype> element in <ArrayList>) {
In the same HashTable, you can store elements of different data types and retrieve them without any errors using DictionaryEntry as shown below:
foreach(Dictionaryentry dirSample in <HashTable>.keys.values){
+ "," + dirSample.values);

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