Mention the usage of Connection Object in ADO.NET

Connection object is used to establish a connection between your .NET application and the database used by your application.

If you have to manipulate data from the database using ADO.NET, you have to follow the steps shown below:

Create a connection
Open the Connection
• Create a command object containing the query and assign the same to the connection you have opened
• Execute the Query and use datareader or dataset to read the result of the query
Close the connection

You have to ensure that you close the connection as soon as you finish your tasks related to the database. This makes your application run faster and allows the database to be used by multiple resources of your application.

Two different types of connection object exist in ADO.NET. They are mentioned below:

SqlConnection: Available in the namespace System.Data.SqlClient. It is used to connect to SQL Server database with version 7.0 or higher.
OleDbConnection: Available in the namespace System.Data.OleDb. It is used to connect to all databases using OLE DB providers.

Apart from creating and opening a connection, several other methods exist in a connection object. Methods associated with Connection Object are: BeginTrans, Cancel, Close, CommitTrans, Execute, Open, OpenSchema and RollbackTrans. With these methods, you can manage your transaction and you can even rollback from your current transaction. Connection object also includes several properties, events and collections.

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