Why you should go for Globalization in ASP.NET?

Globalization in ASP.Net helps you build an application that can present customized content based on the locale and the culture. For example a person who is browsing an application from France can be displayed the content in French instead of the Standard English that is used by default.

Thus Globalization helps you to build web applications that are truly global. Globalization of an application involves two steps. The first step is to internationalize the code that is developed so that it can be use in any locale or region.

The second step is to present the content according to the culture and language in the locale. The content in the presentation layer is removed and is stored in a separate entity and based on the locale that content presented to the user in their language. For globalization and localization

.Net provides you with classes grouped in the namespaces System.Globalization, System.Resources, System.Text, and System.Threading. So it is essential to use globalization in ASP.Net if you want to build an web application that is truly global.


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