Advantages of using .NET Globalization

With .Net Globalization you can present content in your application so that it is customized to the region and culture. Globalization includes two parts.

The first part is to internationalize the application code so that it can be used for any region and culture. If internationalization is perfect that that application would serve the content for a particular locale in its language.

The second part of the globalization process is to localize the application so that it is presented according to the culture and the region from where it is used. Keeping internationalization in mind the code has to be developed so that localization would be painless.

During internationalization the content in the presentation layer is placed somewhere and it is loaded in the presentation layer dynamically according to the locale in its language. Moreover the content the user inputs should also be stored appropriately for processing and presentation. During localization the content is translated and integrated with the application.


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