Understanding Globalization Architecture in ASP.NET

Globalization in ASP.Net helps you to provide content based on the locale and the culture. A single code based is developed and it pulls out the content from the data store based on the locality and the culture. For this you should know where to store the content and how it is stored.

Different people like Web Designers, Developers, and Translators are involved in developing an application that is truly global. Coordinating all these people is the work of the Project Manager so that the content is accessible for all these people easily.

The website should be architected for a single code base. So that it is easy to scale up the application in the future. It is better to store the different content that you get from the translators in the form of xml or in a database so that you can load the content dynamically based on the culture and locality.

Even though it is possible to have the content in the pages itself, it is better to store them in an xml file or a database.


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