Implementing ASP.NET Globalization

As we know that globalization helps you to provide content for the end user based on their locality and culture, there are certain steps that have to be followed to make an application truly global. You should know how to create resource files and compile them to a binary resource file.

You will be creating satellite assembly for each of the resource file for each culture. You have to store them in separate folders for easy access and replacement and you have to write code to read them from the application.

For each locale for which you are targeting you have to create a resource file and save them with the .resx extension. Proper naming conventions should be adopted to name the resource files for a particular locale.

To compile the resource file to a binary resource you can use the resgen utility that comes with the .Net SDK. To create a satellite assembly you can use the al utility found in the .Net SDK. After you do all these create folders for each of the satellite assembly and store them there.

While coding your application you have to write code to read the resources from the satellite assembly that is stored in different folders based on the locale and culture.


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