What are the advantages of VB.NET?

-> You can readily use all features supported by .NET Framework in VB.NET

-> You can incorporate all object oriented principles in VB.NET because VB.NET is a complete object oriented language whereas the earlier versions are not

-> You will always prefer to use DNA Architecture. VB.NET supports this architecture and ensures data flow across layers of this architecture using XML

-> Ensures robustness and stability of your applications by managing and executing your code using CLR

-> Establishing interoperability in COM is made easier in VB.NET using optional parameters

-> Late binding can be established using Option Strict Off

-> VB.NET has improved error handling when compared to the earlier versions. Earlier versions were using the statement ON ERROR GOTO for error handling. But VB.NET uses try, catch and finally blocks which are well structured and easily maintainable

-> Earlier versions of VB are single threaded but VB.NET ensures your application to have multiple threads running in the background

-> VB.NET ensures better security when compared to VB6 and other earlier versions by introducing the concept of Code Access Security whereby you can define security rules to define what all resources are permissible for the code to access

-> VB.NET provides automatic memory management using garbage collector which is managed by the CLR. This provision is not available in earlier versions

-> VB.NET has the construct WITH which is not available in C#

-> VB.NET introduces Windows Forms using which you can easily build windows based applications which are robust and scalable

-> VB.NET provides all form controls and all that you have to do is drap and drop the necessary controls to design your page. This makes the designing easier and provides better look and feel of your application

-> VB.NET has introduced new form controls namely automatic control resizing, in-place menu editor which are of great use when using windows forms

-> VB.NET has the capability to support and handle many versions of a DLL

-> Ensures better type casting when compared to the earlier versions

-> VB.NET forms part of ASP.NET language but earlier versions do not

-> Generally earlier versions of VB are used to build stand alone applications only. But VB.NET can be used

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