How Common Language Runtime helps expediting your development process?

The Common Language Runtime helps you to speed up the development process in many ways. If you know the features that are supported by the CLR then you can understand how it helps you to expedite the development.

One of the main tasks for a developer during development is to manage the memory. They have to write code to allocate and de-allocate memory. With the .Net framework and the CLR there is no need to manage memory programmatically.

The CLR takes care of that. This helps the developer to free his time in managing memory and focus on the core task. Garbage collection is a process that is done by the CLR which manages the used up objects during runtime.

The CLR compiles the source code to an intermediate language called the MSIL. During runtime the MSIL is converted to the native code. Any program that is written is compiled to the MSIL only. So, this gives scope for the developer to write the program in any language of his choice.

So it is easy for the organization to use the services of any developer who is good in any of the programming language. This helps in speeding up the development process. If you look at the benefits of the CLR, you might find out that it helps to expedite the development process in more than one way.


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