Creating Professional ASP.NET Server Controls

You should know how to create custom server controls using VB.Net or C#, if you want to create professional ASP.Net Server Controls. A custom server control can have any functionality you want and you can set any number of properties to it and also add events to that control.

You can create custom controls that can be added from the Toolbox palette to the web page in design time. The tags that appear on the code when you drag and drop the custom control, is determined by the attribute ‘ToolboxData’ that you set when creating the custom control.

You can use the get and the set routines to create properties and to access and set the values for these properties through code. To give the custom control a professional look you might need to change the appearance, the font used in the control and the color used in the server control.

These can be achieved by using the CSS in the server controls. You can use CSS inline or attach it to the page through an external CSS file. But it is advisable to not mix both of these since the rendering may not be as you expect.


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