Overview of .NET Framework 3.5 Architecture

Any application you develop should be based on a specific architecture. The .NET applications you develop will also have architecture. In this article you will come to know about the .NET architecture and the importance of .NET framework in that architecture.

All your applications developed using .NET will have the following architecture as its base:

Each component mentioned above has a set of components within itself. For example the component ASP.NET mentioned above contains many components namely Web Forms, Web Services, Mobile Internet Toolkit and much more. Similarly all other components have their own architecture. In this architecture, what is the importance of .NET Framework? Each .NET Framework provides enhancements to the architecture components and introduces few new components as well. To understand how .NET 3.5 has influenced the .NET architecture, consider the diagram shown below:

Later versions of .NET Framework are built over earlier versions of .NET Framework providing enhancements to the features provided by earlier version and introducing new features in the current version. For example, .NET Framework 3.5 provides enhancements over features of .NET Framework 2.0 and 3.0. In addition, it introduces new features namely LINQ and ADO.NET Entity Framework.

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