List of Query Keywords in C# (C Sharp)

When you want to access information from your database, all that you do is establish connectivity from your front end code to the database. Write your query in a stored procedure and you will execute the stored procedure at the backend. Always there is a clear distinction between front end and back end. And you will deal with queries at the backend. What if you get an option to compose your query in the front end code itself? C# provides you this option using LINQ Query Expressions.

LINQ stands for Language Integrated Query. Using LINQ query expressions, you can frame queries to fetch information from any data source be it an SQL database or a simple integer array. Not just simple queries, but you can even frame complex queries with their results grouped or ordered. And you can also perform joins similar to your backend join operations.

To create LINQ query expressions, you will be in need of certain keywords. These keywords are termed as Query Keywords. List of query keywords supported by C# is provided below:

Query Keywords in C Sharp

Not all keywords are used at all times in your query expression. Based on your need and the functionality to be incorporated in the query, you can use essential keywords from the above mentioned list.

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