Advantages of using .NET Server Controls

With the ordinary html controls it is possible to separate the code that is to be executed or displayed in the control separately. In the server control you can separate the code to be displayed or executed.

This enables you to edit the content that is displayed separately instead of editing the actual web page content. You can also programmatically change the values to be displayed in the server controls. This is one of the main advantages of using server controls.

The server controls have rich set of properties, events and methods which are more helpful when you program. An object oriented model is used by the server controls. This makes it easy to manipulate them. Validating the user inputs using the server controls is also possible easily.

You can validate the user input against a value or a range of values. This task is more important when you are processing some forms in the web page. If you do not want validation to happen, you can prevent it by setting some properties.

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