Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2000

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) that enable you to store and retrieve data. The enterprises with large amount of useful data find the need to store it somewhere, and from where they can easily retrieve it. Microsoft SQL Server 2000 helps the enterprises to store huge amount of data with features such as XML support, Search options, Backup and Restore, Log Shipping, SQL Query Analyzer, and Replication.

You can store data in tables and create stored procedures. A stored procedure is a set of Transact-SQL statements stored under a name. Stored procedures are also used to manage SQL Server and display information about databases and users. These types of stored procedures are called system stored procedures. There are many other types of stored procedures such as user-defined stored procedures, extended stored procedures, temporary stored procedures, and remote stored procedures.

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 also allows you to share tables across multiple servers. Moreover, DTS Designer and DTS object model in SQL Server 2000 allows you to create packages and import or send data to Internet and run packages asynchronously. The analysis services feature in Microsoft SQL Server 2000 is the advanced concept of OLAP Services component. This feature has data mining technology used to ascertain significant data from databases. It also has enhanced security provisions such as using roles for cubes and dimension members and improved authentication methods.

The meta data services in Microsoft SQL Server 2000 allows you to use and manage meta data. The meta data, apart from describing the application and processes also describes about the data. The meta data services, thus, acts as a repository for data, software components, and data warehousing. The meta data services in Microsoft SQL Server 2000 consists of an engine, tools, APIs, a browser, software information models, and a software development kit.

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