Introducing Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server

Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 is an intelligent portal that provides access to all the documents, information and programs. It is exclusively designed for Business to Employee (B2E) processes and activities, such as communicating information and sharing documents. This enhances the accessibility and distribution of any knowledge within and across the enterprise.

Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 caters the need of Business-to-Business (B2B) transactions, such as viewing the documents or sending information across client and vendor. In addition, Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 benefits employees, teams, departments, and customers by allowing them to create SharePoint sites and share documents and projects through these sites.

Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 brings in all the information of an enterprise into its Portal Site. This makes any kind of information at your fingertips. Before you begin working with Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003, you need to install and run Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003. You can install Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server either on a single computer or on a server farm. After installing you have to be acquainted with various features, such as Alerts, Microsoft BizTalk Server integration, Usearch, Shared Services, and Single Sign-on.

Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 extends the capabilities of Windows SharePoint Services. Windows SharePoint Services is a collection of services that you can use to share information, collaborate with other users on documents, and create lists and Web Part pages. Whereas you can use Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 built upon Windows SharePoint Services as a centralized access to collect SharePoint sites, information, and applications in your organization. In addition to the features of Windows SharePoint Services, Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 includes novel features such as:
• Alerts: Allows users to check any new message or deletion of any document.
• USearch: Allows you to narrow down the search according to topics, people, or documents.
• Single sign-on for enterprise application integration: Allows users to access all line-of-business applications.
• Integration with Microsoft BizTalk Server: Allows secured integration of line-of-business applications in Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003.
• Shared Services: Allows you to reduce the expenses of deploying services to all portal sites by using Shared services provided by one parent portal site.

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