Introducing Microsoft Content Management Server

The product-based organizations and large enterprises have lots of contents while building their web sites. This makes web sites difficult to manage. Microsoft Content Management Server, which was built on Microsoft .Net technology, helps you to efficiently manage contents-rich web sites. In addition, content management server enables you to deploy dynamic web sites and its contents from one server to another. Content management server is integrated with Microsoft Application Center, and hence you have the options to do manual, automatic, incremental, and transactional site deployments.

You can also deploy internet sites, intranet sites, and extranet sites using Microsoft Content Management Server. Moreover, with regard to Information Technology field, content management server is very useful to build and deploy the most important elements of a web site such as site structure, site design, presentation templates, application integration, and security. This helps administrators of web sites to reduce the maintenance cost. Microsoft Content Management Server stores all the contents of the web site in industry standards formats such as XML, HTML for maximum flexibility. The significant features of Microsoft Content Management Server include:

• Internet accessibility: Using content management server you can build web sites that are accessible to everyone. This ensures greater reach for your websites.

• E-commerce capabilities: Allows the visitors of the web sites to easily navigate through products in your web sites and complete the transactions.

• Knowledge portals: Allows you to build intranet based enterprise knowledge portals that allows every employee in your organization to share thoughts and provide a central location to update information and applications.

• Managing huge contents: Allows you to cost-effectively manage contents and design elements of the web site by integrating web content management and digital asset management.

Microsoft Content Management Server can be integrated with Visual Studio .NET and across all of the Windows Server System products. It has also support for source code management. The big IT enterprises can manage branding, workflow, and security of their web sites. Moreover, the users can create, manage, and publish their own content using applications such as Word 2002 and Internet Explorer.

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