Introducing Microsoft Commerce Server

Microsoft Commerce Server, a component of Windows Server System, enables enterprises to deploy personalized portals. Microsoft Commerce Server also allows you to build and expose web services. Apart from providing advance features such as catalog management, order processing, merchandising, and business analytics to business-oriented sites, commerce server from Microsoft extends its capabilities such as user profiling, content targeting, and multi-language for non-business-oriented sites.

Microsoft Commerce Server 2002 is available in four editions such as enterprise edition, standard edition, developer edition, and evaluation edition. Microsoft Commerce Server 2002, which is closely integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio.Net, helps developers to develop ASP or ASP.NET web applications using its built-in business components and tools. The features of commerce server 2002 include:

Built-in facility: Allows fast developments with lower costs through built-in components, database schema, and management tools for on-line business. It also has starter applications and a set of industry standards third-party solutions.

Interoperability: Allows you to extend your existing e-commerce infrastructure with your customers or partners internal systems through its comprehensive XML web services facility.

Security: Allows you to secure critical data by using security features such as data encryption, user-based access, and multiple authentication methods.

Flexibility: Supports both ASP and ASP.NET, thereby developing applications using the tools that suit their needs.

Artificial intelligence: Allows you to take correct business related decisions through sophisticated analysis and business intelligence tools. It also has tools to continuously manage customer and partner profiles, personalization rules, product catalogs and pricing, merchandising, and business analysis.

Manageability: Has built-in caching and performance optimizations that fully take advantage of Microsoft SQL Server. It also has tools that Allows you to easily configure, deploy, and manage your online business sites.

Thus, Microsoft Commerce Server extends your business globally with its multilingual and multicurrency sites displaying your local product catalogs to everyone in their own language. Moreover, with integrated e-business solutions starting from enterprise integration with Microsoft BizTalk Server 2002 to managing your online content with Content Management Server 2002, commerce server reduces the total cost of ownership of your business.

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