Introducing Jscript.NET

Jscript.NET is the Microsoft new version of Jscript language for .NET Framework. Jscript.NET is fully an object-oriented language as well as a true compiled language. By compiled language we mean that the compiler compiles the code and then execute it. If there are any errors then the compiler will prompt the nature and the location of the error. This makes Jscript.NET on par with C# and Visual Basic.NET with regard to performance. .NET Framework has a separate compiler for Jscsrip.NET called jsc. exe, which resides in systemroot\microsoft\framework\version directory.

Moreover, if in ordinary Jscript language, the addition of types was an improvement, in Jscript.NET you can declare types either by traditional type declarations way or by implicit type inferencing way. Type inferencing is the advanced technology that analyzes the variables in a script and suggests the type of the variable that you can use. This will save a lot of time of the developers from deciding and writing variables. Jscript.NET has new set of data types such as Boolean, char, int, short, uint, and ulong that are compatible with the data types in Common Type System.

Apart from data types, Jscript.NET also supports several new statements such as class, package, interface, const, enum, and import. Jscript.NET also provides direct support for constant variables and enumerations. Moreover, Jscript.NET has introduced three new directives to improve the performance of the application, to assist in debugging, and to define blocks of code that you want others to ignore. The three new directives in Jscript.NET are @option(fast) directive, @debug directive, and @position directive.

Another major improvement in Jscript.NET is the introduction of Option Fast feature. The basic objective of this feature is to improve or optimize the functionality of the code by instructing the compiler to enforce certain rules. There are certain considerations to be performed when you enable Option Fast feature such as you must declare all variables, you must deliver the correct number of arguments to function calls, you should not redefine or assign values to functions, and you cannot manipulate the predefined properties of Jscript objects.

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