Hostinger Web Hosting India Review

Hostinger is a Lithuania-based web hosting provider that was founded in 2004. It's considered a low-cost choice for online startup businesses that want to offer a good user experience on a budget.

But is it really worth opting for Hostinger in India? That's exactly what we'll help you decide in this extensive Hostinger web hosting review.

Hostinger Features: At a Glance

Storage =>> Starts at 30GB
Bandwidth =>> Starts at 100GB
Free SSL =>> Yes
Uptime Guarantee =>> Yes
Hosting Types =>> Shared, WordPress, VPS, Cloud
Backup =>> Free weekly backups
Uptime =>> 99.9%
Website Builder =>>Yes


Hostinger offers 4 different types of hosting: Shared, WordPress, VPS, and Cloud hosting.

Shared hosting is the most cost-efficient way to go, but only if your website's traffic volume is relatively low.

However, if you're serious about maximizing your online presence on the web, you'd want to at least opt for VPS hosting. VPS hosting is more suitable for websites that gain a significant amount of traffic relative to newer websites. This is because VPS servers have fewer websites hosted.

Hostinger - All-In-One Web Hosting @ Rs.149/month
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Unfortunately, Hostinger doesn't offer any dedicated hosting plans. Dedicated or private hosting enables you to host one or more websites on the server all by itself, enabling you to make the best use of the server's capabilities.

If you're expecting large volumes of traffic, there's a good chance you won't be able to handle it without dedicated hosting, at least if you want to maximize uptime.

The good news is that Hostinger provides dedicated hosting plans for WordPress users. Since WordPress is widely considered one of the best (and most popular) content management systems in the world, this is definitely appreciated.

You might also want to consider opting for Cloud hosting if you want to get as close as possible to dedicated hosting. Cloud hosting leverages the power of multiple servers, giving you more room to breathe when it comes to the amount of traffic your website gets every month.

Hostinger In-Depth Feature Breakdown

Now, let's take a closer look at the features that Hostinger offers one by one:


Hostinger's uptime is quite impressive. Based on various tests on the web, Hostinger manages to score a 99.9% uptime duration. That's pretty much on par with other more expensive hosting providers.

Uptime is important because downtime will drastically hurt your search engine rankings, leading to the loss of traffic and, of course, a decline in user experience.

Excellent Customer Support

Whenever you face a problem with any of the Hostinger hosting plans, you can contact the provider's customer support team round-the-clock all days of the week.

However, the only available support method is live chat; we'd have appreciated phone support as well, but live chat is OK most of the time.

We've found the customer service representatives to be quite helpful and informative, so you should be able to get your queries solved quickly.


Hostinger's speed can be divided into two metrics: page load speed and server response time.

The page load speed is the required time for a web page to fully load on a device. For New York servers, the page load speed is 778.62ms, compared to 1.09 s for Singapore servers. These numbers are definitely good compared to other web hosting services.

As for server response time, it falls between 50ms and 250ms depending on the server location. Of course, India-based servers will yield a lower response time.
Hostinger incorporates a built-in cache manager that lets you boost your website load speeds to maximize user experience and get better rankings in search engines.

In addition, Hostinger utilizes LiteSpeed servers that grant you access to the famous LiteSpeed Cache plugin that can further enhance your website's speed.

Hostinger - All-In-One Web Hosting @ Rs.149/month
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Hostinger offers various types of domains at competitive pricing plans. These include:

=>> .org
=>> .in
=>> .xyz
=>> .com
=>> .tech

You also get an additional discount on domains if you already use Hostinger hosting. Some plans include free domain registration as well.

Server Locations

Hostinger has servers in various parts of the world. Some of the locations include:

=>> Europe (Lithuania, UK, the Netherlands)
=>> Asia (India, Singapore)
=>> The Americas (USA, Brazil)

As you can see, the provider does have servers in India, which is a major advantage over its competitors in the country.


Hostinger's shared hosting pricing structure consists of 3 plans: Single, Premium, and Business. The single plan starts at Rs.69/month, while the Premium and Business plans cost Rs.149/month and Rs.249/month, respectively.

As you move up the pricing pyramid, you get more storage space, free domain registration, unlimited bandwidth, daily backups, as well as more SSD storage, SQL databases, and websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hostinger Good?

Yes, Hostinger offers a good hosting service at affordable pricing. It also includes free domain registration, free SSL, and Cloudflare integration. And with a 99.9% uptime, it's definitely reliable.

Is Hostinger Better Than GoDaddy?

It depends on your needs. GoDaddy is more expensive than Hostinger, but the differences in day-to-day use aren't noticeable. Just keep in mind that you won't get dedicated hosting with Hostinger.

Is Hostinger Good for WordPress?

Hostinger is a great choice for WordPress users simply because it offers a one-click installation process. Not to mention, Hostinger's servers are designed to work efficiently with WordPress.

Final Verdict

So that was everything you needed to know about Hostinger web hosting in India.

The provider is one of the best web hosting options for those looking for budget hosting without compromising uptime and speed. Hostinger has servers in India and surrounding countries, so fast page load speeds and server response times are guaranteed. Plus, the pricing structure is straightforward and flexible.

Overall, we'd definitely recommend Hostinger for webmasters that need a reliable host for one or more websites without unbelievably large volumes of traffic.

Hostinger - All-In-One Web Hosting @ Rs.149/month
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