How to Automatically Link Content Pages Using Counter Linking Component?

The programmer want to link together pages with previous and next page functionality, you had to insert link manually for this to work. Whenever a page was added or inserted, you had to adjust links in two more files. This is tedious work, and can introduce error in the order the pages are inked together as well as with the table of contents. Programmer still must write on their own. We need to maintain 2*(x-1) links, where X is the number of pages.

Linking together pages In a sequential manner

File 1 -> File 2 -> File3 ->> ***File X

The Counter Linking Component makes life easier. It has a supporting text file in which all pages link are stored together with a descriptive text in the order the pages are linked together. You simply insert the URL and description once, and you can create the table of contents and the links between the pages automatically.

If you change a line in the supporting text file, the changes are immediately reflected in the table of contents and link order. There is no need to update files manually. The format for the supporting text file, the content linking list file, is very easy. First comes the URL, followed by a tab separating the URL from the description.

Example of a Content Linking List File

1. stepx.asp<TAB> step A
2. b.asp<TAB>step B
3. c.asp<TAB>Step c.Last One

The <TAB> in listing isn’t new HTML tag, it is a placeholder for tab as you wouldn’t see in print . You can reference any file on your local server, but URLs using the http:// syntax to access files not located on your local server are not supported and are not processed.

The first task is now to create a table of content for the linked content. Before you start using any component, you should always take a look at the documentation, in which functionality is provided to ensure that you take the most direct route to achieve your goal.

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