How to access the north wind database?

To retrieve data from data base in ASP, perform the following steps:

1. open a connection to a database.
2. create a record set, which provides access to the data fields of each record.
3. retrieve data from the fields of the recordset.
4. close the recordset and the connection.

The following example shows these basic actions and how they are performed to retrieve data from the northwide database. The script retrieves al product names and their prices from the products table, in order by product names, and writes them to the client.


1: <% @language = VBScript %>
2: <%
3: option explicit
4: response. Expires = 0
5: dim objconn, objrs, strquery
6: dim strconnection
7: set objconn = server. Createobject (“ADODB. CONNECTION”)
8: strconnection = “DSN= northwind; database= northwind;”
9: strconnection = strconnection & “UID=sa; PWD=;”
10: objconn. Open strconnection
11: strquery = “SELECT PRODUCTNAME, unitprice FROM products”
Strquery = strquery & “ORDER BY productname”
13: set objrs = objconn. Execute (strquery)
14: %>
15: <HTML>
16: <BODY>
17: all products stored in the product table,
18: orered by product name: <BR><BR>
19: <%
20: while not objrs.eof
21: response. Write objrs (“productname”) &”(“
22: response. Write fromatcurrency(objrs(“unitprice”)) & “)<BR>”
23: objrs. Movenext
24: wend
26: objrs. Close
27: objconn. Close
28: set objrs = nothing
29: set objconn = nothing
30: %>
31: </BODY>
32: </HTML>

In lines 1-3, the script instructs the script engine to use VBScript as the default language and to make sure that every variable is declared.

Line 4 ensures that the browser does not cache the page. Without this line, the browser would cache the page and the client would see obsolete data if the database, content has changed between page calls.

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